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Selfie Based Attendance for Bharuch District Talathis

Scope Close to 500 talathis visit 379 Seja Offices to handle records of ~553 villages. Frequent complaints by public about unavailability of staff at the office Paper Registers have been hard to tally, and prone to weekly/mass updates Hard to keep track of attendance at office and at taluka and district office or at site visits. No way to tally complaints by citizens and presence of personnel…
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What is your corporator supposed to do?

Everybody talks about being a responsible citizen and doing their duty and so on. But, isn’t it our duty to hold our elected representatives responsible? We use Data analytics and visualizations to enable such interactions.

The true political map of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is the state of India with economy comparable to Norway, and population comparable to 4 Australias. With highest GDP in India(14% of total), and the financial capital Mumbai at stake its also politically very important state. Maharashtra Legislative Assembly has 288 seats. There are multiple ways of showing which political party has influence in…
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Gujarat Seats Transfer 2012-2017

The 2017 Gujrat Assembly election was a important moment in Indian election History for many reasons. BJP had bet everything on returning to power for a 5th straight time and for the first time without Mr. Narendra Modi as the CM candidate. On the other hand, congress tried to launch Mr. Rahul Gandhi as a…
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Tracking projects with

Sample Dashboard (Actual values and project data replaced for privacy) Background DDO (District Development Officer- CEO ZP) works as coordinating and monitoring body of all works done through Gram Panchayats under multiple government schemes. In gram panchayats, for works of value less than Rs. 5 lakh, tenders are not issued and work orders are given…
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Karnataka Election Live Update and analysis

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कर्नाटक निवडणूक निकालपूर्व आढावा

 या चित्राच्या तसेच इतर माहितीच्या आधारे निघालेले काही महत्वाचे आणि काही मनोरंजक निष्कर्ष येडियुराप्पांची घरवापसी 2013 सालच्या कर्नाटक विधानसभा निवडणुकीच्यावेळी भाजपने बी एस येदियुराप्पाना भ्रष्टाचाराच्या आरोपांमुळे पक्षातून काढून टाकले होते. त्यामुळे त्यांनी कर्नाटक जनता पक्ष स्थापन करून निवडणुका लढवल्या. याचा जोरदार फटका भाजपला बसला होता. यावेळी मात्र येडियुरप्पांची घरवापसी झाली आहे आणि कर्नाटक जनता…
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Karnataka Assembly Election Preview

Karnataka Election – By The Numbers

               Now that 2019 election season has started warming up, both BJP and Congress have started mobilising their strategy for that big battle. With Rahul Gandhi slowly coming into his own, amalgamation of opposition and people’s rising disillusionment with Achche Din promises, the battle seems more balanced than previously imagined. That’s why the upcoming Karnataka…
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