ProYas – Technology For Public Good

What’s ProYas?

    It is our sincere opinion that use of technology in fields of social change can improve the effectiveness of efforts. Being a Non-Profit or non-commercial organization is no excuse for being unprofessional.
    We understand that many researchers and workers are busy doing the ground work and hence we try to help them with our knowledge and expertise in technology and analytics to improve their economy and delivery.
    Especially with a varied and vast country like India, Geo-Spatial analysis can add great value. We also attempt to do text analysis of Indian languages to contribute towards making them more sustainable and tech-friendly.


Public Finance Visualized

Where does government get it’s money from? How does it spend it? Which elected body does it better?

History and Books Visualized

Collecting and visualizing history and books related information. Connecting Time and space dimensions to give a better picture.

GIS for law enforcement

Many laws and regulations have distance related clauses. e.g. no Tobacco sale in 100 mtrs. of school. GIS and analytics can help enforcement through public participation.

Health and Education

Visualizing available data and researching Geo-Spatial and time related patterns to uncover insights for better service delivery.


Our Non-Profit initiative to create a interconnected, discovery led platform of Marathi and regional language poetry.


Collating and presenting all free ebooks available over internet in a easy to browse format to improve discovery usability.