Our Clients

Multilingual Resource Center

Multilingual portal for BVG Life Sciences

BVG Agri sells poisonless agriculture products such as pesticides, herbicides, animal food supplements etc. They share the success stories of the farmers and other best practices for benefit of farmers in general. We created a multpilingual news portal where BVG staff can upload the stories with least effort and share it with target audience.

Bhargov.in – Project Tracking

Bharuch DDO (District Developement Officer) works as the co-ordinating body for works done under multiple schemes in the district of Bharuch, Gujarat. Monitoring these 1000+ projects and their execution and verifying was a difficult task. We developed an offline-browser based multi-lingual data collection (including geo-tagging photos of progress) to gather status update and presented it in a single interactive dashboard. Now, 500+ projects worth 20 Cr. are monitored in one single page.

Karnataka election results dashboard

We developed a state-of-the-art interactive web based dashboard for reporting and analysis of 2018 Karnataka Assembly election results. Users could see current trends as well as past results for all 224 constituencies. Interactive filtering gave special analysis for 2-way or 3 way contests, low margin victories, regional and partywise trends. This dashboard was used by news anchors as well as readers to create their own analysis. View the dashboard by clicking here.