ProNeta – Technology for Elections

Election Management 2.0

Elections are about issues and imotions. But they are about the logistics too. ProNeta works on analyzing past voting trends, boothwise demographics and current opinions to come up with the most effective election strategy. We enable reaching maximum people with our tech e

Booth Management App

No election war room is ready without ProNeta App. Make your booth level workers more effective, monitor progress, make changes and co-ordinate work with easy dashboards and workflow.

Election planning

How many voters are there in each booth? What is their age/gender/surnames? Which booths have voted in your favour in earlier elections? See all this and more in single dashboard that helps your planning.

Mass Customized Marketing

Do you think your messaging should be different as per age-gender-caste of your voters? Technology can help you target the right customer with just the right message.

Political campaigns for the 21st Century Leader

In a democracy, every leader needs to understand his constituency and voter’s opinion and demographics better and develop the agenda and messaging accordingly.
We collect all the relevant publicly available such as voter lists, booth locations, census numbers etc and put them together in a useable format. Then, we enhance it with intelligence from news and web media sources to create a true picture of your constituents and their demands. We then conduct surveys and interviews to collect actionable insights for your campaigns.
Our excellent data analysis and visualizations let you decide on your campaign strategies. The booth management app lets you monitor the progress of the work done by your workers. Constant monitoring of the situation and developing strategies to improve your reach and impact with customized marketing will help you achieve the success you deserve.