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Every business depends on data for better decision making. Whether it is market research or analyzing internal data, we use cutting edge data analysis and visualization tools to give actionable insights.


With more readers and viewers shifting to web for their news, providing data based journalism with interactive self-serve dashboards becomes a duty of the new age news organization. We help you deliver a new news experience.


Any organizational decision needs hard data and analysis to justify it. We provide excellent support with good visualizations and data based storytelling to convince the stakeholders.

Data Analytics is Crucial to business success

Every organization that functions today generates a lot of data. Capturing all this data and analyzing it to guide the next business strategy is crucial to success. Whether you are a business that wants to decide sales and marketing strategy, political leader who wants to influence the public’s minds and government policy or a non-profit trying to justify a specific work target, you need systematic data analytics to power your decisions.
Being small and local are no longer excuses to keep away from data analytics, in fact it is the most important reason. Our services will help you identify best performers, focus areas for improvement and improve targeting to gain maximum return on investments.
Our analytics is not limited to excel sheets and charts. We utilize machine learning, regression, Geo-spatial analysis and interactive visualizations in addition to the normal analysis techniques. Additionally we are open to pilot projects at very low costs that will help you realize and justify the larger project in your organization.
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