ProDigi works in four main focus areas to bring about technology and analytics based intervention

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Technology Enabled Leadership

Reach each and every one of your voters with this easy to use voter management app. Plan and execute your campaign based on relevant, actionable data.

ProKalpData Analytics for business

From collecting data to transforming it into actionable insights for your business needs. We work with small and big organizations to utilize their data in best way.

Development and Consulting

We develop simple and easy to use products supported by cutting edge analytics to deliver better results for your organization’s needs.

Technology for Public Service

Using technology based application for better understanding of public finance, non-profit services, history, literature, law or any field that can benefit.

Ease of use and technical understanding

We understand the limits of Indian conditions. We plan for the network connectivity, limited user education or low device quality issues. We leverage tech to provide solutions that can be used in remotest corner with most basic devices by a semi-literate person.

Location awareness and Geo-Spatial analysis.

Our work is very much location aware. We use cutting edge Geo-Analysis tools to improve planning and execution of strategy. Which area has what type of customer or voter profile. How does proximity to water/temple/road impact the purchase or voting pattern? Basing your analysis on these factors will give you new insights and open new doors of success.