Selfie Based Attendance for Bharuch District Talathis

Selfie Based Attendance for Bharuch District Talathis


  • Close to 500 talathis visit 379 Seja Offices to handle records of ~553 villages.
  • Frequent complaints by public about unavailability of staff at the office
  • Paper Registers have been hard to tally, and prone to weekly/mass updates
  • Hard to keep track of attendance at office and at taluka and district office or at site visits.
  • No way to tally complaints by citizens and presence of personnel



  • Prepared list of villages, which Sejas they belong to, How many Talathis are deployed there.
  • Identified Non-Continuous sejas, low manpower sejas etc, Vacant Villages
  • Trained the personnel on taking and uploading the photo. Process is kept simple with minimal manual data entry.
  • Pilot project was done in 2 Talukas for two weeks period to identify problems and glitches in data collection procedure.

Actual work Progress and Impact

  • The project is functional in all 9 Talukas since 1st June 2019
  • We have collected ~75,000 Geo-tagged-Timestamped photos in this period (83% Compliance)
  • Out of 489 talathis, 484 have at least once registered their attendance.
  • We have set up systems to identify absentees, late-entrants, early leavers etc.
  • Systems to identify attendance from workplace or from District/Taluka place is being developed
  • SMS and Mail summary reports to each users about their weekly summary (In development)

Benefits over other forms of attendance

Over Pen and Paper attendance –

  • Ability to aggregate and Analyse patterns in Central system
  • Not possible to register whole weeks attendance in one go.
  • Location tracking removes possibility of absence

Over Thumb Impressions, numberpads etc.

  • No physical machine requirements
  • Zero installation and maintenance costs
  • Does not require constant power and electricity connection

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