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We are focused on using technology and data analytics to solve real world problems at very affordable cost. Impactful, easy to use solutions is our promise.

ProNeta – Election Analytics

Bring the cutting edge analytics to your election campaigns. Get actionable insights with easy to understand analytics and utilize our simple apps to conduct an efficient campaign.


ProKalp – Business Analytics

Easy to use technology powered by Data analytics delivers impactful solutions at low cost. Make better informed decisions  and control your workforce with our services.

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ProDuct development Consulting

We work on innovative products that solve real world problems and create new synergies. Focus on robust development to work in Indian tech scenarios.

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Data Based Decision Making, Delivered.

Simple applications for east data collection coupled with cutting edge data analytics at back-end 

Data collection and cleaning made simple for every user, backed up by top-of-the-line anaysis to make most informed and impactful decisions.

A few things we’re great at

We bring together easy-to-use data collection technologies that require minimal training and cutting edge data analytics that delivers impactful and actionable insights. We are more foucsed on giving simple, easy to understand analytics than showing off techniocal prowess. 


We make easy to understand and intuitive dashboards that help you make sense of your data to make the right decisions. Our custom reports will bring out patterns in your data that will give you concrete action points rather than plain “This is how it is” reports.


We use technologies that take away the pain of data entry and make it error-free.


There are tremendous insights to be drawn from text and location data that get collected in your organization. So whether it is GPS logs of a travel for bus fleet company or Customer comments on your twitter/facebook posts. There are actionable insights to be extracted. We specialize in this field.


We create simple yet elegent websites, portals and experiences that engage your  target audience suceessfully. We emphasize design that even the most basic internet users can easily understand and utilize. 


Hassle Free Project Tracking

Bharuch DDO office overlooks over 1000 projects every year under 7 departments and 4 finance sources. This project tracks the progress of project from proposal to bill disbursment with geotagged photographic evidence.

Simple Data Entry

Single mobile friendly form to collect photos and location

Offline Data Collection

Forms even work offline without live internet connection

Tracking dashboard

Dashboard that shows project progress on a map.

Public feedback

Open the forms to public to give feedback on projects.


Village Level Election Analytics

When a 5 time MLA wants to increase his election lead even further, he needs to know which villages are voting for and against him, which ones are reluctant to vote at all and why? We did a comprehensive study and presented the info in simple intuitive visualizations.

Assembly Maps

Separating the 100+ villages in groups as per voting records, polling % and social indicators

Customized Surveys

Different surveys in favourable and unfavourable villages. Bringing out actionable insights

Village Level Sheets

Separate sheet for each village that puts all important factors on single page. i.e. a ready reckoner

War room Dashboards

Putting web based dashboards in place for war room discussion with real time updates of work.


Read more about some of the visualizations we created that brought out previously ignored insights. Technology and communication go together in effective data visualization.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

ProDigi developed project tracking system for us that has been very affordable, effective and easy to implement. They understand the gound level isues and work to solve them.

DDO, Bharuch District

Bharuch Dist. Admin

Prodigi helped us find previously unspotted patterns in our data that lead to devepolpment of timely correction measures and saved us a lot of time and money.

Kishor Raktate

PR head BVG Life Sciences

Our campaign became more streamlined and effective due to the excellent segemntation provided by ProDigi. This helped us gain the maximum out of our marketing.

Campaign Manager 

Navsari Parliamentary Constituency

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Research Blog

At ProDigi we constantly do research and analysis on Public and Private data sets. Here are some interesting patterns, conclusions or just new ways of looking and representing data. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

Selfie Based Attendance for Bharuch District Talathis

Scope Close to 500 talathis visit 379 Seja Offices to handle records of ~553 villages.Frequent complaints by public about unavailability of staff at the officePaper Registers have been hard to tally, and prone to weekly/mass updatesHard to keep track of[…]

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What is your corporator supposed to do?

Everybody talks about being a responsible citizen and doing their duty and so on. But, isn’t it our duty to hold our elected representatives responsible? We use Data analytics and visualizations to enable such interactions.

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The true political map of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is the state of India with economy comparable to Norway, and population comparable to 4 Australias. With highest GDP in India(14% of total), and the financial capital Mumbai at[…]

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