ProSiddhi – Online Marketing

Marketing = Creative + Analytics

For new leaders and organizations, it is very important to create the right web presence if they want to fulfill their potential. We provide services of building the right web presence with website, social media handles, mobile apps for workers and voters, blog posts on right platforms etc. When done right it portrays the best image for the brand.


Social media is not just running a FB page that shares Jayanti/Punyatithi message. We help you to use it to gain new followers that respect you and your work.


You want to conduct surveys or know your audience/voter’s opinion, there are quick, cheap and reliable ways to gain insights from surveys. With deeper data analysis and visualization, we make your planning more effective.


What will people see when they Google your name? Or on social media? We provide complete service with increasing positive mentions and feedback to countering negative publicity.

Online image will influence the offline image

Many organizations or leaders think their audiences don’t use online media, and hence they don’t need online presence. But the fact is, all higher level reporters, prospective business partners, more importantly influential people who have an effect on other people’s opinions, all use and gain their information from web and social media. So, you cannot afford to ignore the opinion makers.


Do something different, get new followers.

You have to think if your web presence is better or unique in some way than your competition. Posting birthday-xyz day messages will not differentiate you. It mostly reaches people who are already convinced. Social media is about growing your influence. Use of right humor, video, better artwork and handling on important issues can give you the edge you need.